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FLM Is a trade union of managers and experts, and its goal is to strengthen the position of members in the general labor market and contribute to their income security.

The FLM is suitable for non-union members, or those who prefer to stand outside traditional unions. FLM is an independent trade union.

A low-cost option: Membership only 0,05% of salary

The monthly membership fee is only 0,05% of each member’s salary. With that you gain access to a health fund, which includes salary insurance, life insurance, and illness insurance.

Employers pay 1% of employee’s salary to the FLM health fund. No other contributions are requested.

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Employees advantages

A cost effective solution

  • The member’s contribution is only 0,05% whereas traditional unions’ is often around 1%
  • If similar insurance is bought elsewhere, the premium is be paid from the salary after taxes

Great compensation coverage

  • Salary benefits – 80% of salary for up to nine months after the three-month waiting period for benefits. In case of children’s illnesses or accidents, benefits are paid for up to six months.
  • Death benefits – complete life insurance for members
  • Health insurance for members
  • Medical disability benefits – health insurance that pays disability benefits in case of permanent disability caused by an illness.

Simple application process

  • No risk assessments necessary
  • Informed consent

Reliability and clear terms

  • Sjóvá is entirely responsible for the health fund and takes care of settlement claims.


FLM is more cost effective than other unions and offers higher life insurance, as well as illness and disability insurance not offered by other unions.

Employers advantages

A cost-effective solution

  • FLM Membership saves insurance costs on the general insurance market, which are also taxable benefit
  • FLM’s number of members implies risk diversification which result in lower premiums.

Contact FLM

FLM was founded in Kópavogur on March 21st, 2021.

The FLM office is located at Suðurlandsbraut 4a (4th floor) in Reykjavík. Office hours are from 09:00 to 12:00 on weekdays.

Email address: flm@flm.is
Kennitala (Icelandic Identification Number): 530412-0750

Post address:
Félag lykilmanna
Pósthólf 8135
128 Reykjavík

FLM's employees

Friðgerður Ebba Sturludóttir began working at the FLM office in early February 2020.

Email address: ebba@flm.is

FLM's board

The board consists of five members who are elected at an annual general meeting.

The Board:

  • Gunnar Páll Pálsson, chairman
  • Kristín Sigurðardóttir
  • María Sólbergsdóttir
  • Stefán Gunnar Jóhannsson
  • Stefán Karl Segatta
  • Jón Ingvar Pálsson, deputy


In this document you can find FLM’s code of conduct.


FLM's bylaws

FLM’s laws were approved at the association’s founding meeting which took place in Kópavogur on March 21st, 2012.

1. Name and objective

The association is called Félag Lykilmanna (e: The Association of Key Workers) and is a union of managers and experts. Our goal is to strengthen the position of members in the labour market and contribute their financial security. FLM is based in Reykjavík.

2. Membership

FLM is open to all managers and experts who willingly work within accordance of the applicable law and legislation. Members are those who formally apply for membership and pay membership fees determined during the annual general meeting.

3. Dismissal

The board can bypass its established rules and regulations subject to loss of rights or dismissal in case of repeated and/or serious offenses.

4. Board

The board consists of five people and one substitute. Each board member is elected for two years at a time, while the substitute is elected for one year.

Board nominations must be submitted by March 1 of the year that board election takes place, along with recommendations from ten members. Only those who have been a member for 12 consecutive months are eligible for election. If there are more nominations/referrals than seats, a written or electronic general vote must be held among members. An electoral committee consisting of three members shall be set up, and the election shall be completed by May 1st that same year.

A Chairman is elected for a two year period along with two co-directors, who leave the board alternatively. If a board member leaves the board during their term, the board will divide the workload until a replacement is elected during the board next election’s term.

The board’s role is to manage the company’s affairs between general meetings, take care of drafting contracts for the company, and to enforce the company’s policies as they appear in these bylaws.

Trustees may be appointed at workplaces as the company’s liaison.

5. General meetings

The annual general meeting has supreme authority in all matters of the company. A general meeting must be held annually before the end of May, and the meeting must be advertised on the company’s website and/or with an advertisement in a newspaper with at least a 10 day notice.

Proposals for amendments to the bylaws must be submitted by the board by March 1st and must be presented in the agenda of the general meeting.

A general meeting is considered legitimate if it is legally convened (abided by applicable national legislation).

6. General meeting program 

  1. Election of moderator and secretary
  2. The board’s report on the company’s work
  3. Invoices submitted for approval
  4. Discussions on the board’s report and accounts
  5. Legal changes
  6. Election of board of directors and certified accountants
  7. Determination of membership fees
  8. Other matters.

At general meetings, a simple majority of the votes determines results.
However, the approval of 2/3 of votes are required to change the company’s bylaws.

7. Membership meetings

The board can call for general meetings when deemed necessary, or if a minimum of 1/10 members request such in writing. It is mandatory to call for a meeting when there are major decisions to be made regarding the company’s future and financial obligations. At general meetings, majority of votes determine the outcome, except in cases of major financial commitments – where the approval of 2/3 of votes are required.

8. Funds

The company operates a health fund. This funds main role is to contribute to  income security of its members in events of illnesses, accidents, or death, as described in the union’s regulations.

9. Bills

The company’s board must submit invoices signed by the company’s accountants for approval at general meetings.

10. Meeting agenda 

General meeting agendas, decisions, members’ meetings, and board meetings must be written in the company’s assigned minutes book.

11. Liquidation of the company

A proposal for termination of the company must will be approved if presented at a special meeting where half of the registered members must be present, and 2/3 of the votes cast in favour. If the required amount of members fail to attend, another meeting must be convened within three weeks. If legally convened, the quorum can be disregarded. In the event of the company closing down, its net assets shall be donated to charity in accordance with the board’s decision making.

FLM's email regulations

Information in emails sent/received from FLM is confidential and may be subject to confidentiality provisions. This information is solely intended for the addressee concerned. Access to emails from FLM by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted in reliance is prohibited and may be punishable by law.


FLM's data protection policy


According to the law no. 90/2018 on Act on Personal Protection and Processing of Personal Information (ISL: Lög um persónuvernd og vinnslu persónuupplýsinga), FLM must ensure adequate protection of personal information. This policy describes the company’s focus on data protection and the safe handling of information held and owned by the company. Personal information must be protected from all threats, both internal and external, whether they stem from intent or are due to negligence. By adhering to this policy, FLM can be trusted to protect personal data and information.

Scope / Range

This data protection policy covers the handling and storage of all personal information in custody of FLM. It covers the internal operations of the company and services that FLM provides to its customers, including all internal systems, hardware and software owned and under the full control of FLM. Furthermore, it includes where personal information is handled and what employees and contractual parties have access to the information.
The policy of FLM in information security matters is binding for all employees and covers all service providers of the company.

Objectives / Goals
FLM’s goal with this information security policy is to insure following:

  • Personal information is correct and accessible to those who have authorised access.
  • Protection of personal information and confidentiality is maintained in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Personal information is protected against damage, destruction or disclosure, regardless of whether it occurs due to intent or negligence.
  • Personal information that goes through the company’s system reaches the right recipient, protected and on time.
  • The risks associated with working with personal data are within the defined limits.
  • All laws, regulations and general rules regarding the handling of personal information are followed.
  • The company follows all agreements in regards to the protection of personal information.
  • Deviations, breaches or suspected weaknesses in information security are reported and investigated.
  • The protection of personal data is continuously being worked on and improved.

Reaching our goals
FLM’s ways to accomplish the goals mentioned above are to:

  • Maintain records of information assets where personal information can be found, whether in electronic or paper form, and categorise this based on the nature and importance of confidentiality.
  • Regularly analyse, through formal risk assessments and internal audits, risks that the processing of personal data may entail for individuals in order to determine if further action is needed and to assess opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Carry out an assessment of the impact on personal protection if it’s likely that a certain type of processing may entail a high risk for the freedom and rights of individuals, such as when new systems that host or otherwise process personal data are to be put into use.
  • Maintain a quality manual for procedures and processes that process personal information.
  • Provide all employees of the company with regular training and education regarding the security of personal information and the responsibility that rests on them.
  • Oblige the company’s employees and service providers to report information security incidents and anomalies that occur in order to promote continuous improvement.
  • Not permit employees and service providers, current and former, to provide information about the company’s internal affairs, external parties or other employees.
  • Ensure that a copy of personal data exists and is stored securely.
  • Have the Personal Protection Officer provide advice in the field of information security and personal protection matters as stipulated in the Act on Personal Protection and Processing of Personal Information.


  • The board of FLM is responsible for this information security policy.
  • The Executive Director of FLM is responsible for the implementation of the policy.
  • The security manager of FLM is responsible for the day-to-day management of information security.
  • FLM’s personal protection officer shall ensure that staff receive appropriate training on the security of personal information.
  • All of FLM’s employees must work according to the information security policy. They must report security anomalies and information security vulnerabilities.
  • Those who intentionally threaten the information security of FLM are subject to legal action or other appropriate legal procedures.
  • All of FLM’s employees are committed to protecting data and information systems against unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure, destruction, loss or transfer.


This policy shall be reviewed annually, more often if necessary, to ensure that it is compatible with the goals of FLM.

Approved by the board of FLM on January 18, 2023.

Privacy statement FLM

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FLM's cookie policy

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