The FLM website does not automatically collect any personally identifiable information about usage and users. However, the use of the website is measured by services from third parties, which collect personal information as defined by data protection laws.

For users who are or have recently been logged into Facebook, Facebook can link information about a visit to the FLM website directly to the respective Facebook user. Similarly, Google’s advertising systems can link usage information to the personal profiles they hold, profiles that are either anonymous or contain personally identifiable information such as name, email address, or phone number.

For those users who do not want their usage to be measured in any way, the most effective method is to change the “Do Not Track” settings in their browser and download browser extensions such as Privacy Badger, as such changes affect all websites. Google also offers a browser extension to opt out of Google Analytics measurements, as well as the possibility to change user registrations in their advertising network, including opting out completely.